About Us

We are a socially and environmentally conscious team with the goal of transforming the construction industry, enabling a circular economy and offering healthier building materials for the whole world.

From Togo to the World

Dr. Gnanli Landrou, one of two founders of Oxara, grew up in Togo and made it his goal to develop a building material that enables affordable, save and comfortable housing in Africa and beyond.
Together with Dr. Thibault Demoulin, Oxara was founded in 2019, after the two became friends and coworkers during their PHD's at ETH Zurich.
Since then the Oxara family has grown to over ten people working towards the ambitious goal of transforming the global construction industry.


Dr. Thibault Demoulin

Co-Founder demoulin@oxara.ch

Dr. Gnanli Landrou

Co-Founder landrou@oxara.ch

Admixture Innovation

Dr. Sara Mantellato

Lead Admixture Innovation mantellato@oxara.ch

Max Stammet

Junior Chemist & Admixture Development stammet@oxara.ch

Material Innovation

Letizia Caderas

Lead Material Innovation caderas@oxara.ch

Dr. Vera Voney

Material Development voney@oxara.ch

Bruno Pinto Aranda

Material Development pintoaranda@oxara.ch

Construction & Application

Jonathan Ensslin

Lead Construction & Application ensslin@oxara.ch

Julien Chabanne

Senior Architect chabanne@oxara.ch

Sara Sherif

Junior Architect sherif@oxara.ch

Business Team

Endrio Bütler

Lead Business Development buetler@oxara.ch

Leonie Isler

Lead Communication & Sustainability isler@oxara.ch

Gregory Cavaco

Lead Financial Officer cavaco@oxara.ch

What does Oxara stand for?

Oxara means gathering and community in Lamb-Kabyè, a national language of Togo and represents some of the core values of the company.


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