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If you have detected a technical or accessibility problem and you cannot access a content, you can report it to us. Contact us at accessibilite [at] and tell us:

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This statement applies to content published on the domain.

This website is managed by Oxara. It is designed to be used by as many people as possible. The text must be clear and easy to understand. You must be able to :

The site is not fully compliant with the General Accessibility Standards, GAAS version 4.1, but an action plan is under discussion to achieve sufficient compliance.


We are currently preparing an action plan and a multi-year accessibility plan in order to comply with the General Accessibility Improvement Framework, RGAA version 4.1.
How do I request content in an accessible format?

We can only produce content in PDF format or send you a local HTML version of the site.
You can also use the browser's print function to get the PDF format. We do not yet offer audio or Braille formats, we apologize for that.
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Reporting accessibility issues with this website

If you are experiencing problems that are not listed on this page or if you feel that we are not meeting accessibility requirements, please contact us.