Product development – check! Terrazzo floor made with cement-free Cleancrete Nossim is ready to be implemented in forward thinking projects.

Not too long ago, the terrazzo trend was considered a relic of the past. However, in 2018, this iconic 1970s design element made a triumphant return. Since then, architects, designers, and decorators worldwide have exhibited a keen interest in reviving this once-ubiquitous material that graced homes from the mid-20th century onwards.

Together with first-movers from the industry the Oxara team is now returning Terrazzo flooring back to its roots by eliminating cement and bringing clay back into the spotlight. Terrazzo flooring powered by Oxara is made from Cleancrete Nossim - a cement-free concrete formulated through the integration of the Oxacrete® Nossim admixture and recycled excavation materials.

Cement-free, clay-based materials offer numerous indoor climate advantages, including effective thermal mass, humidity control, clean air quality, sound insulation, fire resistance, energy efficiency, and an attractive appearance. Integrating clay materials in construction guarantees a comfortable, healthy, and sustainable indoor environment.

Since beginning of 2023, the Oxara team is in close cooperation with Repoxit to develop a novel Terrazzo floor finish made with cement-free clay concrete. In late summer, the first floor in a residential building has been installed together with our project partners Kibag (Kibeco), InSitu and of course Repoxit.

The next Terrazzo floor made with Cleancrete Nossim will be implemented in the Pavilion MANAL, a landmark project for a better sustainable future. It represents the proof of concept of all building materials based on Oxara technology and enables an ecosystem of change-makers in the Swiss construction industry.

Cleancrete Nossim Facts:

• 100% cement-free
• Up to 90% CO2 reduction
• Up to 98% recycled excavation material
• 2-4 MPa compressive strength

Application possibilities:

• internal non-load bearing walls
• screed
• Terrazzo flooring
• furniture
• cast elements
• composite applications with wood