Oxabloc, the cement-free compressed earth block co-developed by Oxara and Terrabloc, is now officially on the market and ready for purchase. A feasible, resource-saving, and sustainable “Soil-ution”.

When exploring sustainable solutions in modern architecture, building with earth may not be the first idea that comes to mind. While soil is, in theory, one of the most 'eco-friendly' building materials, the question remains: can we create anything beyond rustic structures using earth?

We say, YES! Over the recent years, compressed earth blocks (CEB) have emerged as a surprising answer to this question. Crafted from a blend of local soil and aggregates, this building material presents a versatile, affordable, and low-carbon alternative to traditional construction. CEB structures demonstrate that sustainability can coexist with comfort and beauty in both rural and urban areas!

Oxabloc – innovation in sustainable construction

CEB’s are commonly stabilized by 4-8% of Portland cement, which assists the drying process and moisture resistance, yet it has a negative effect on its environmental footprint.

Terrabloc and Oxara have joined forces to tackle this challenge and pioneered a compressed earth block (CEB) utilizing Oxara's cement-free Oxabrick® Loko admixture as a stabiliser.

We are delighted to announce that the CEBs based on Oxacrete® Loko have met the minimum requirements for structural masonry as per SIA 266 standards!
This marked the debut of Oxabloc – the new cement-free CEB’s developed and produced by Oxara and Terrabloc.

Oxabloc has the capacity to significantly reduce a building's embodied emissions, offering a rapidly scalable solution for a wide spectrum of construction projects in contemporary architecture and rural settings alike. This innovative technology facilitates the local utilisation of excavation materials, effectively minimizing transportation distances.

Oxabloc benefits:

• 100% Cement-Free
• Comprised of 98% recycled excavation material
• Suitable for structural walls, interior walls, and more
• GWP: 0.029 kg CO2 / kg
• Offered in two block sizes

CEB’s for the new embassy in Cameroon

Exciting news from Yaoundé, Cameroon: A new Swiss embassy building designed by Caesar Zumthor architects and Nordarchitekten will feature massive walls made of compressed earth blocks. In spring 2023, Oxara conducted earth analysis, proving the material's compatibility with the Oxabrick® Loko admixture. Onsite validation is underway, and we are eagerly awaiting the final results – stay tuned!

Furthermore, only a few weeks after the official release of Oxabloc, Terrabloc and Oxara sold the first batch of Oxabloc for a project in a residential building in Switzerland! We are looking forward to the outcome.

Any upcoming projects that could incorporate this versatile and exciting new building material? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist!

For comprehensive information about Oxabloc, please visit terrabloc.
To learn more about the Oxabrick® Loko admixture, explore Oxara.