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Oxara offers a range of admixtures and binders for cement-free clay- and construction waste-based building materials, prioritising circularity and promoting sustainability in construction. By reusing waste materials and eliminating cement, our solutions help to build a more sustainable and environmentally responsible construction industry.

Oxacrete Solutions

Designed to produce poured earth. Suitable to be cast into any formwork and used for floor and wall applications.

Oxacrete Care

Mineral-based admixture for the production of environmentaly sound clay-based concrete

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Oxacrete Nossim

Mineral-based admixture for the production of environmentaly sound stabilised clay-based concrete

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Oxabrick Solutions

Designed to produce compressed earth blocks, that can be applied in earthen masonry

Oxabrick Loko

Admixture designed for the application of compressed earth blocks

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We offer multiple services along the project livecycle. From the design to consulting during the development.

Admixture Sale

Direct sale of our admixtures to building material producer and project developer

Earth Analysis

In our labs we are able to conduct detailed earth and excavation material analysis

Material Solutions

It is all about the right mixes. We help our costumers to find the right formula for their project


We are happy to help and advise our costumers on technical and application inquires


Oxara based building materials - the advantages


Produce 100% cement-free building materials

Low GHG emissions

Reduce the material based GHG emissions up to 90% compared to conventional materials

High Circularity

Recycle and reuse up to 45% of construction waste and excavation materials