Oxara’s additive technology enhances the properties of compressed earth blocs without the use of cement.  The addition of 2 – 4 wt% Oxabrick® Loko leads to mechanical properties and water resistance comparable to a 4 % dosage of Portland cement.  

Compressed Eearth Blocs are a sustainable and resource-saving alternative to conventional fired clays bricks and cement-based blocs. The blocs are prepared at an earth-moist consistency, poured into a formwork and thereafter heavily compacted and/or vibrated, allowing instant demolding of the produced blocs. As the blocs dry, they gain strength and can thereafter be used for standard masonry applications.


Oxabrick® Loko is a blend of non-toxic mineral powders of European origin. Oxabrick® Loko is classified as non-hazardous according to GHS (Globally Harmonized System) and is approved under Chemicals Ordinance (ChemO) in Switzerland.


  • unfired
  • cement-free
  • high circularity
  • earth-based
  • 85% CO2 reduction compared to conventional fired bricks
  • low energy intensity


Conventional Masonry Walls