The admixture that turns unworkable clay-based materials into workable low carbon poured earth-concrete.

Concrete powered by Oxacrete Care - Cleancrete Care - is a resource-saving and sustainable alternative to cement-based concrete where high compressive strength is not required. The Oxacrete Care admixture is 100% cement-free. Hence, the resulting concrete has a significant lower C0₂ footprint compared to conventional building materials.

Environmental Impact

  • cement-free
  • up to 95% C0₂ reduction
  • up to 99% up-cycled excavation material
  • 2-4 MPa compressive strength
  • low energy intensity


  • Internal non-load bearing walls
  • Screeds
  • Furniture
  • Cast blocks
  • Composite application with wood

Nossim vs. Care

For application requiring a fast early age strength independent of the drying process, the admixture Oxacrete Nossim is more suitable.


Concrete based on Oxacrete Care is produced, transported, and processed like conventional concrete, requiring no extra infrastructure or machinery. Making the adaptation of sustainable practices easy.


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Oxara Cleancrete - as colourful as our Earth

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