Oxara’s admixture technology allows clay-based concrete to be poured at a low water content and to gain enough early-age strength to remove the formwork, without the use of cement. Adding 0.5 – 1 wt% of Oxacrete® Care leads to compressive strength > 2 MPa, while keeping the beneficial properties of the clay: its ability to regulate indoor humidity and to be easily repaired and re-used after the service life of the element.

Oxara clay-based Cleancrete is a sustainable and resource-saving alternative to cement-based concrete, in applications where high compressive strength is not required. It is made with excavation material that contains a certain clay proportion and a smooth grading curve of sand and gravel. Also called poured earth, it can be prepared and implemented on-site using conventional equipment of the concrete industry.


Oxacrete® Care is a blend of mineral powders developed by Oxara AG in Switzerland. It consists of a dispersant and a coagulant. The dispersant allows to deflocculate and re-arrange clay particles in the earth while the coagulant allows the agglomeration and the hardening of the clayey materials.


  • cement-free
  • high circularity
  • earth-based
  • up to 90% CO2 reduction compared to conventional cement based concrete
  • low energy intensity


  • Internal non-load bearing walls
  • Screed
  • Timber-earth slab
  • Furniture
  • Cast blocks

Oxara Cleancrete - as colourful as our Earth

Projects realized with this product: