The cement-free and circular alternative to conventional cement. Oxacrete® Oulesse offers a sustainable, resource saving material solution with up to 70% less C0₂ emissions.

Oxacrete Oulesse is a mineral binder based on construction demolition waste that is used to produce cement-free concrete - Cleancrete Oulesse. The binder provides a strength development comparable to conventional cementitious binder systems. Cleancrete Oulesse allows the reuse of recycled aggregates and is fully water resistant. It is a sustainable and resource-saving alternative to cement-based concrete and is capable of meeting standard compressive strength classes up to C20/25.

Environmental Impact

  • cement substitute
  • up to 70% C0₂ reduction
  • recycled construction waste
  • wide range of applications up to 25 MPa
  • no energy-intensive combustion process

Closing the Material Loop

Oxacrete Oulesse mainly consists of construction demolition waste and recycled bricks, hence promotes the urgently needed circular economy.


Concrete based on Oxacrete Oulesse is produced, transported, and processed like conventional concrete, requiring no extra infrastructure or machinery. Making the adaptation of sustainable practices easy.


  • Internal & external load bearing walls
  • Furniture
  • Cast elements
  • Earth stabilisation
  • Tiles
  • Screed
  • Mortar
  • Composite applications with wood
  • Permeable Concrete
  • and more...


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Projects realized with this product: