MANAL is a temporary public pavilion, that will be located at the HSLU campus near Luzern (CH). The 65 sqm spanning pavilion is constructed using circular, cement-free, and low C0₂ building materials, which are sustainable and scalable options derived from clay and mineral construction demolition waste.

MANAL: something you worked hard for and finally achieved it


Architecture : 
Stefan Wülser (HSLU), Sara Sherif (Oxara)
Engineering : 
HSLU, WaltGalmarini
Material production: 
Marti AG, Kibag
Financial partner: 
City of Zurich, BAFU
Financial sponsor: 
Swiss Prime Site
Planning phase
Used product
Oxacrete Oulesse

As a temporary exposition space on the HSLU campus, the MANAL pavilion will offer an immersive experience, fostering trust, and confidence, and setting a precedent among construction planners, policymakers, and real estate investors.

The MANAL pavilion stands as a landmark project that unites innovative construction stakeholders and academic partners and highlights the required cooperation to incorporate new ideas and products into the construction industry. Furthermore, the MANAL pavilion serves as a case study which is included in the Innosuisse research project “Think Earth” and enables monitoring and data collection for research purposes.

The principal construction materials employed consist of materials produced with Oxara admixture and binder technologies. The foundation will be made of Cleancrete Oulesse, the vertical elements are a combination of load-bearing Cleancrete Nossim walls and Cleanbrick Loko pillars. The roof structure is made of Cleanbrick Loko arches and vaults, upon which a timber finish will be placed.

*WIP Illustrations produced by Stefan Wülser +

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