Exploring sustainable options, we are testing porous concrete with Oxacrete Oulesse, our cement-free binder, in response to client needs. Collaborating with Stadtgrün Bern and Schmid + Partner Gartenbau AG, various mix designs were tested and are currently undergoing evaluation to determine the material’s alignment with the requirements. This new application possibility for Oxacrete Oulesse aims to create eco-friendly footpaths for parks, graveyards, and more.


City of Bern, Stadtgrün Bern
Schmid + Partner Gartenbau AG
Material testing phase
Used product
Oxacrete Oulesse

In response to the client's search for more sustainable options compared to traditional porous concrete, one potential avenue being explored is the utilisation of porous concrete incorporating the cement-free binder Oxacrete Oulesse.

This marks a new application for Oxara, initiating a small-scale material testing (four test areas of about 2 sqm). During this experimental stage, various combinations of binder dosages and aggregate sizes were assessed in collaboration with Stadtgrün Bern and the landscape gardening firm Schmid + Partner Gartenbau AG.

Currently, the test fields located in Bern Bümpliz are undergoing evaluation to determine the material's alignment with the established requirements. The envisioned application for this solution revolves around the creation of footpaths in parks and graveyards, addressing both functional and environmental considerations.

Comparison between porous concrete Oulesse and conventional cement-based porous concrete

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