We do not make concrete, we save the planet one building at the time.

Our Vision

Sustainable Construction


Right after water, sand and aggregates are the two most used natural resources utilised to maintain existing infrastructure and future construction. Sand is created over thousands of years through weathering and erosion. However, these resources are being depleted at a rate far beyond their renewal, and global demand for sand exceeds the readily available supply.

Our products enable the reuse of construction wastes and the use of excavation materials that normally find no use. Circular economy is an important piece of the Oxara puzzle and has the potential to reduce sand and aggretate shortages worldwide.


The extensive greenhouse gas emissions of the construction industry are no secret and an acknowledged challenge globally. Yet, there is no way around it due to the fast-growing human population and the corresponding need for infrastructure and housing.

Oxara based building materials are 100% cement-free and unfired, what reduces the material-related emissions by 80-90% compared to conventional building materials. We offer solutions that have the potential to contribute significantly to achieving global climate and sustainability goals.


Waste and the extensive use of resources have become a major challenge worldwide. Hence, circular models have attracted great interest in all sectors in the past years. As one of the largest consumers of raw materials, the construction industry has the opportunity to make a big impact by adopting circular economy practices.

Reusing construction “waste” is one of Oxara's core values and all our products are designed accordingly. By using Oxara-based construction materials, 45% the materials formerly seen as waste, can be reused.

Our Vision

Affordable Housing


Global infrastructure and housing needs will require millions of buildings in the coming decades. Today 1.8 billion people lack adequate housing, homelessness is increasing, and the cost of housing is rising at an alarming rate. This makes access to housing increasingly difficult for people who need it most. Housing is not a human right - but it should be.

At Oxara we work towards affordable and healthy building materials, accessible for everyone.


Adequate housing is key to an individual or family's security and stability. Its absence negatively impacts equity and inclusion, health and safety, and livelihood opportunities.

By providing affordable and healthy building materials, Oxara is contributing to greater equality around the world and is part of a much-needed movement.